It’s amazing how Life can get in the way of certain goals. I intended to start really working on keeping up this site four months ago.

Ah well, moving on.

Yesterday I cut up my credit cards. I was holding on to them like they were going to save me from something. But in reality, they are a trap. My husband and I have resolved to release ourselves from our $10,000 of debt, and holding on to two credit cards wasn’t helping. I believe that was an important step.

Essentially, we’re following the advice of Dave Ramsey and his Total Money Makeover. Cash for most purchases, $1000 Emergency Fund, and then throw everything you can at the pile of debt.

I am already armed with envelopes for the envelope system. We are almost halfway to an emergency fund. And I am on FIRE to get this debt gone. It’s like this THING over my shoulder that nags me and never relents. I am convinced that God does not look kindly on living with debt. The Scriptures have nothing kind to say about people who are in debt. In fact, the Scriptures WARN people not to go into debt for another person, or to guarantee the debt of another. Most of our debt was obtained frivolously, and without cause. It was for a bunch of “I-wants” and not out of necessity. So I do believe that the debt we carry is sinful. I am certain of the forgiveness for this sin, and I know that Christ has set us free from the sin, but we are still bound to it by the money we owe.

Soon we will be free of it, and I look forward to that day!


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