Something New

Here begins another journey of our life as a family.

Next month, I will have closed down my daycare for a period, and our house will begin the renovation process to abate lead hazards. Our house will get new siding and windows, and a couple other new pieces here and there. Yay! New is always good, right?

AND since we can’t stay in the house while the work is being done (safety hazard) we need to find a place to stay. Nope, no hotel. No one here in our city has offered to put all four of us, plus the cat and rabbit up, so I called my mom, and the kids and I are going to Sunny San Diego for 3 whole weeks! (DH will be joining us the first week, then back to work he goes.) I pawned the animals off to various people/friends/neighbors for the duration of our adventure. Now I just need to find a place to pawn the husband off for a few weeks…

But wait, there’s more…

We also have to pack up every belonging in our house and prepare to move it to a POD.


I walked in to my office today, and realize how daunting of a task it will be. Just my children’s books alone are taking up 6 boxes. So far. And for some reason, as I’m walking through the house, I keep seeing more books that missed the boxes. This is going to be an interesting journey.

The open house for contractors is April 17, at 8:30. Hopefully it moves along quickly, and every thing is on schedule.

Next on the list: Actually purchasing the plane tickets for California.


Let me know what you think!

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