A Soggy Saturday

Today started with a thunderstorm. Picture my (almost) six year old putting on her boots, and my 18 month old running after her wanting to put his boots on, too, despite his pajamas. I was rushing behind, searching for socks and sweaters, reminding myself that this is the time in a child’s life when they should be so excited to dance in the rain.

I have never seen my children get out the door so quickly. Bubba ran to a puddle, spun around, and immediate stuck his little bottom in the water. His face lit up. My Peanut was running around, laughing, dancing and almost flying through the air- so excited to be outside getting wet.


After the rain, we decided to chance the Easter Egg hunt our church puts on at the neighborhood park. I figured the rain scared away most of the crowds that I had wanted to avoid. We packed up the kids, and they made a pretty good dent in the candy supplies. Bubba was happy to pick up the bags of animal crackers most of the kids were leaving for chocolates.


It always amazes me what makes my children happy. Sometimes I forget what things are more important. Bubba didn’t care one bit about the giant prize egg he got. He was content with animal crackers. The prize egg, we gave to Peanut because she didn’t get one in her age division. She didn’t care about the $5 gift card inside, or the candy, she loved the tiny stuffed rabbit.


After the Egg Hunt, we took the car down to get a tire repaired. It had a nail in the rear tire, and I hadn’t been able to drive it for two days. $26 later, we pulled out of the parking lot and a belt broke off and the car seized up.  We made it home, but the car is probably no longer operational.

Even though the thunder had stopped for the day, and there was no precipitation, the storms were raging for dh and I. Neither he nor I enjoy stress at all. But I can’t help but praise God for that nail, because I could have been alone in the car with the children when that happened, if I had driven it two days ago without my husband with me.

And at the end of the day, all I can think about is how happy the storms made my children.


And in doing so, how happy the storm made me.






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