This is Great

I have to share something with you.

It’s a photo my dh took while my daughter was having the most crazy, delightful, incredibly perfect almost-six-year-old moment I’ve seen captured in all my husband’s photography.

I missed being here for it. I was taking Bubba to the Urgent Care clinic because I saw a rash on him and panicked. He’s fine, by the way. No big deal, and he got over it. It was one of those record-breaking, hot, March days. It was so hot, that Bubba was soaked in sweat by the time we got to the clinic. No, the car doesn’t didn’t have air conditioning.

However, my little Peanut was fine just staying with her dad, doing this:

Not only do I LOVE this picture, but it makes me love my husband’s talent and ability to capture moments even more, also.

Who else is looking forward to summer as much as I am?


Let me know what you think!

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