Birthday parties change when the children get older. When Ella was three, we bought the twenty-dollar helium tank that had face stickers and the highlight of the party was the kids taking balloons and making funny faces with the stickers. And each kid got to take a couple of funny looking balloon guys with them. It was great.

When Ella turned four, we rented a bounce house (for $250!!) and filled the plastic wading pool with feed corn. I hid some plastic coins in the corn, and let the kids “dig for buried treasure” and they bounced until they were too tired to bounce any more.

When Ella turned five, I purchased the Chuck E. Cheese party package. For $100, we got pizza, cake,  ice cream and more tokens than six children really needed. They set up, cleaned up and provided fun stuff. Very nice because at that point in my life, I did not have energy for a whole party shebang.

Now that Ella is turning six tomorrow, I’m wondering how I’m going to keep all the five and six-year olds entertained for a party. I have to choose carefully the  proper balance between party games and free play, and pray that they don’t destroy my house too much if it’s raining outside.

I have ideas for party games:

  • Pin the Tail on Perry (It’s a Phineas and Ferb themed party)
  • Balloon Relay Races
  • Musical Chairs
  • Piñata
I do know one thing. Ella is looking forward to her special days. She has been counting down the days until her birthday, her birthday party, and the day after (the four of us will go bowling after church). My baby girl is growing up so fast.

Let me know what you think!

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