Welcome to a brand new year everyone!

What’s a new year without an old habit? Of course, my New Year’s Project isn’t finished yet. In fact, today is already the second day of the year, and I *just* started my project. I should be done by tonight, and I can post it tomorrow. Don’t worry, I will try not to leave you hanging too long!

What else would make a New Year’s post complete? Resolutions? Um, no. I don’t do resolutions. Mainly because I never finish things. So, instead of making a list of resolutions about things that I’ll forget about by mid-February, I’m going to make a list of all the things I want to finish this year. Seems boring, but don’t worry- you’ll be laughing at me and my crazy list of unfinished projects by the time you’re done reading.

I don’t know what it is about myself that makes me get up and leave a project undone. I love starting things, and I love the thought that goes in to planning something. Sometimes I can get pretty creative (sometimes), and certain projects are pretty motivated. But, when the end is in sight, I kind of just want to get up and walk away and drink some coffee and watch another episode of Monk on Netflix.

No more, I say! Well, not as much. Because I have a lot of things to do this year!

Here goes my list of unfinished projects that need to be finished by December 2013:

  • Finish painting the hallway by my bedroom (started in June 2012 just have 1/2 a wall left)
  • Finish painting my dining room and hang pictures back up (pictures have been down since May 2012, started painting in November 2012)
  • Finish the headboard in my bedroom (needs trim and accent painted on)
  • Finish teaching myself how to sew a collared shirt for Jeff
  • Finish organizing Peanut’s closet and hang another closet rod
  • Finish filing (and shredding) office paperwork
  • Taxes (AHH!) for my 2012 Child Care business (not even started…)
  • Finish painting my kitchen cabinets (from February of 2012!)

This list is overwhelming me already. I haven’t even touched the unfinished baby blanket I started crocheting for Peanut before she was born. I started that back in 2005. And her baby book that’s in a box in the attic. Or Bubba’s baby book that’s on a shelf in my closet. Or another crocheted blanket that was supposed to be a Christmas gift in 2011. I can’t even remember what stitch I was using for that one. Or what size hook. Some things are just never going to be finished, I think.

I did, however, get something done yesterday that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. I started up a store on Etsy for my jewelry making! Check it out at the banner below!

I have a mental list of all the projects I want to start this year. But, I honestly think I need to finish this list before I tackle anything else. Or at least mostly finish it…



Let me know what you think!

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