Math Project- Addition Facts

math 001
Ella is getting a little frustrated that she’s not catching on to her addition and subtraction facts as well as she could. Drilling her with flashcards is SO. BORING. I don’t blame her. It is. Let me tell you a little secret: I’m glad I’m not the one needing to memorize it. It would bore me to tears also. And, well, it’s the tears I’d like to avoid.

I have to say, I love the Internet. It would have taken me a minimum of three hours to open up Microsoft Word and create a Fact Family lapbook for Ella if it weren’t for the lovely search engines on the World Wide Web. The wonderful people over at already made one and posted for private use. I printed that .pdf out and spread it all over the living room floor.

What a mess

I started cutting out the pieces, and, of course, Bubba wanted to join in. So I ran over to my over-stocked craft closet, got out a pair of plastic scissors from my child care days, and handed it to him.

Bubba and scissors

I cut away, and Ella was bouncing with excitement. She actually started glueing and working on her addition facts before I even finished cutting out all the pieces.

Working Hard

I was pretty excited, as I was cutting, to glance over and see Bubba actually doing a wonderful job at cutting! He was so proud of himself, too! (Yay for fine motor skill practice!)


Finding the pieces

Ella kept at it with the Number Families from 1 through about 6.

Happy Ella

Then she and her dad got into some kind of tickle/wrestling match on the couch while Bubba started having a Monster Truck Rally with his loud plastic firetruck and his wooden train next to me, and I just kept on cutting. Then I broke out my $15 laminator (from Aldi’s) and laminated the last pieces and it was done! That’s one set of flashcards we don’t have to break out again! This will be much more fun and engaging for her to work on.

To find the lapbook, go to:


3 thoughts on “Math Project- Addition Facts

  1. I might have to try this – thanks for sharing. Have you looked at I have my daughter do this 3x/week on the computer (each session is only about 5 min) – it’s like doing flashcards but it’s tailored to your child’s level and gradually introduces new facts. The repetition is really helping my daughter with the memorization.

  2. I love this! We’re struggling with “caring” about math right now so maybe he’ll find this fun. I’m not telling him about the laminating though – that’s MY fun, hahaha!!

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