Adding Worksheets- What makes a number?

What frustrates me the most with homeschooling is how I know how to do something, and I can’t find any material that teaches it. So I made what I needed.

Here’s a little something I whipped up to work on adding facts, and what makes a number. We’re currently working on subtraction and multiplication, and as I watch Peanut work through these I’m thinking we need to get back to basics. Just for a little fun, and to work on the skills.

To use: Have the children fill in the addends in each box. Then, using, stamps, drawings, stickers, or whatever else, have them put in pictures to go along with the numbers. Have them count the pictures, then have them read the equation. Feel free to use it with your own children. Or, if you’re not one for worksheets, take the concept, some bingo chips and make a game of this!

what makes 5-10

Oh, and before I forget- These worksheets were not designed with the use of zero as an addend. There are enough boxes to add 1 through the number before the sum. For example, for the 5 worksheet, there are boxes for 1+4; 2+3; 3+2; and 4+1.
Here’s the link to the .pdf file:

Please, please, please let me know if you notice any typos or inconsistencies! Thanks!


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