Creation and evolution debate tonight

Here’s my issue with the big debate tonight. Debates are not a forum where people will go to learn truths. Debates are more of a forum, and especially in this case, where two opposing sides will try to beat the other to the ground with witty words, logic and and their proof- whatever that may be.

While I don’t discredit the two speakers their education or speaking abilities, I think this debate will be nothing more than pot-stirring in the Creation vs. Evolution turf wars in our culture.

I worry that most of the viewers will only be watching to see their favorite “contender” pummel the other, and the truth will be buried among the cheers and sneers of the onlookers.

My opinion is that Christian apologetics (and the concept of a divinely created world) should be delivered on a more personal level, if the goal is to reach a person and truly intruduce them to Christ. The majority of those that follow the evolution belief do not even acknowledge the existence of a Holy God, and much of the proof of Creation stems from the Holy Bible, which we believe to be inspired by God.

I know many Christians are hoping for a ‘great outcome’ where people will change their minds about evolution from this one debate. I honestly don’t see it happening. I see drama. I see the two sides dividing even more. Instead of watching the debate tonight, I choose to spend time praying for those that are.


Let me know what you think!

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