Saving Money in Homeschool

There are a few things for our homeschool that I refuse to spend full price on. Many office supplies can be purchased second hand that are like new quality, and are super cheap. Here’s a few items I won’t buy new:

  • Pencil Boxes: My kids love them. I find them handy for storing things with little pieces (like the base ten foam set). And they break so easily that I end up replacing them all the time. And I won’t pay more than $0.75 for one of them. Whenever we go thrift store shopping, I keep my eye out for these lovely little items. I’ve found them for as cheap as a quarter, and only pick up ones that latch and don’t have many marks on them. (Sometimes I find them with kids’ names blacked out in permanent marker, but no one really notices.)
  • Three Ring Binders: These I can find at a couple different places. I’ll look at thrift stores, but I find the cheapest places to buy these are from people we know who are just giving them away. The warehouse my husband delivers for was cleaning out their office and this lovely pile of three ring binders was sitting in the trash pile. He asked if he could have them, and I got ten binders for FREE! The second best place to pick these up is a garage sales. I can usually find three-ring binders at garage sales for $0.25 each. Can’t really beat that price if you do have to pay for them! I’ve looked at thrift stores, but they’re usually over a dollar each, and that’s just too much for me, so I pass them up. A lot of times, these binders have some print transfer from pages that have been left in for too long, but as long as the rings line up and they function properly, it serves our purposes!
  • Loose Leaf Rings: These aren’t something that I normally find at garage sales, but when I do, I pick them up. The last time I found them, I picked up a baggie full of them for $1.00. I do know that office supplies stores sells them in sets of 10 for upwards of $6.00, so that’s a savings in my book!

What are some examples of homeschool items you will not purchase at retail price? Share some tips at how you get them at a lower cost!


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