Another week down! And it ends with Valentine’s Day! I thought I’d start participating in the Weekly Wrap Up over at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Monday we started some preschool activities with Bubba. I downloaded the Raising Rock Stars Preschool from 1+1+1=1, and the Animal ABCs from the same website. I only printed out the Letter L for the week. He was pretty excited that he had some work to do.

Our Bible Verse for the week is John 3:16. We started learning it on Monday. He’s really loving learning his verses!

Monday night I decided to change things up on the kids yet again, and I planned out a schedule. I told the kids school starts exactly at 8am, and we need to get back on track. Together activities are in purple, Peanut is in green, and Bubba is in orange. I planned things out according to time with the full knowledge that most of our days won’t look like this. But it gives us something to shoot for!

Our New Schedule
Our New Schedule

Tuesday went without a hitch! Peanut got her work done early, and preschool time included more letter L activities, some Busy Bags and independent play.

Hard at work building monsters.
Hard at work building monsters.
Math Fun
Math Fun

Wednesday was appointment day for the little bun in the oven. All is well for the little one, but mama’s putting on some weight! I’ve still got four months to go! I wasn’t too thrilled with that, and now that I saw the scale, I’m much more self-conscious about it. The kids did well at the appointment so afterwards, we went to my sister’s house to play. We stayed there until after 3, and they were worn out! I also borrowed a Prenatal Yoga DVD from my sister. I haven’t started it yet.

Cousins and Best Friends
Cousins and Best Friends

Thursday we got the oil changed in the car, so there was another field trip! We got home, finished up lunch, did some more alphabet activities, read a book, and took naps. Wednesday night was a late night with AWANA and no nap at cousin’s house, so we definitely needed a nap.

Friday, today, the kids opened up a package from a wonderful family we met on a Facebook Penpal and Swap group for homeschool families. They got all kinds of Valentine goodies. Bubba has decided that he is a baby today and has pushed his “crib” around all day and stayed in it most of the time. Now, he’s sleeping in it in his room. I tiptoed  into his room and got a picture. Hope his neck doesn’t hurt when he wakes up!

He says he's a Baby
He says he’s a Baby
Fell Asleep in His "Crib"
Fell Asleep in His “Crib”



2 thoughts on “A LOVELY week

  1. We have a nice color-coded schedule of our homeschool day posted up on our wall. My 4-year-old just asked me when we’re going to start doing it. 🙂 I did tell him that we do most of the things on it. Ok maybe 3/4 of it, but not always at the scheduled time. Love the picture of your little guy sleeping!

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