Weekly Wrap Up: Weather Changes Everything

This week has not gone quite as planned. But that’s okay. The beauty of homeschooling, right?

Monday, we were planning on a trip to the mall for some running around the play place with a friend of mine and her children. (Peanut was planning on taking a book because she feels weird playing where only littles are supposed to play.) I also needed to stop by Motherhood Maternity and pick up some things since my body keeps getting bigger. Not only do I now feel pregnant, but I look it also.

I woke up Monday morning and it was nasty out. So we postponed until next week. It’s not that I mind driving in the snow, but I just really didn’t want to shovel off my car. Lazy me. By the end of the day, it was 40 something degrees out and everything had melted off the car. Figures.

Cutie Patooties enjoying family time and staying indoors, YET AGAIN.
Cutie Patooties enjoying family time and staying indoors, YET AGAIN.

I did, however, sign up for the 30-day trial of ABCmouse.com for Bubba. He really likes having something on the computer to do. I actually like this program, and am seriously considering keeping the subscription after the 30 days. Not to replace one-on-one interaction, but it’s cute and he enjoys it.
Trying out the new preschool website

Tuesday came along and it honestly felt like the longest day of my life. We startd with lessons. Then at 11:30, we drove to the church for our homeschool class. (I co-teach with two other great ladies.) We did our unit on Money, handed out baggies with a predetermined amount of play coins, and set up four tables that were “stores” where the children bought snack at the grocery store, a book at the bookstore, candy at the sweet shop and a few toys at the toy emporium. The kids all loved it, and it went really well.

Straight from the church, we headed to the public library, where Peanut was in her first ever book club. She loved it. They read Anne of Green Gables. I was really surprised at how involved Peanut got in the conversation. The forum was set up for kids grades 3-6.

Bubba's Photography during the book club at the library.
Bubba’s Photography during the book club at the library.

After that, we went home, had a quick dinner packed up to eat in the car, and I drove Peanut to basketball practice. That got over at 7:30, and you’d think we were done with the day, but NO, I had to go grocery shopping still! Ah well, better get it done, right?

Once that day was over, Wednesday came and the weather WAS AMAZING. I think it almost hit 60 degrees outside. I threw curriculum out the window and sent the kids outside to play for who knows how long. The kids had a great time, and got some much needed fresh air.

Acting silly at lunch time.
Acting silly at lunch time.


Apple smiles?
Apple smiles?

Thursday came and went with an impending blizzard that caused everyone to panic and close things down early out there in the real world. Peanut was excited because she saw real hail coming down. I asked her to go out and get the garbage can from the curb, and as soon as she grabbed the handle, there was a giant clap of thunder that stopped her in her tracks and caused her to turn around looking for whatever caused the noise. When she saw me in the window, (laughing at her) she figured out what it was and smiled as she brought up the can. So she got a weather lesson in Thundersnow. I’m still not convinced we actually had a blizzard, but the weather was weird, nonetheless.

This is the hail that started the crazy weather on Thursday.

Oh yeah, and we actually got a day’s worth of schooling in.

Friday I made a first birthday cake for a friend. So the day was kind of weird with that happening. But peanut got to ice the leftover pieces. She did a pretty good job for her first time!


Icing a cake
Icing a cake



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