Adapting in Homeschool

A couple months ago, I started thinking about what our homeschooling day will look like next year. Bubba is going headfirst into pre-reading preschool activities, Peanut will be advancing in her studies, and there will be a new little munchkin to cuddle, feed, change and love on.

One of the decisions I had to make was in the subject of Math for Peanut. I had heard about Teaching Textbooks from various web reviews and from a friend who uses it with her seventh grader. The thought of a computer program doing the teaching for math was very appealing.

The website has placement tests (most math curriculums do for homeschool) and Peanut did exceptionally well on two different tests. I was confused at her placement in the curriculum, so I gave the company a call. They were extremely helpful, and they also suggested using the sample lessons on the website to give my daughter a feel for the program. Peanut loved it.

I found a Teaching Textbooks Curriculum Sale group on Facebook, and purchased the appropriate level at a discounted price. When I told Peanut that it would be arriving in the mail this week, her eyes lit up and she looked so excited. I looked at my husband and asked him if he thought we should wait until next year and have her finish the curriculum she’s using (I mean, there’s only two months left in our school year!) He said, “Not with that look, just let her start it.”

So with that, she’s started Teaching Textbooks, and she’s loving it. She’s working at her own pace, the computer is checking her work, telling her what she’s getting wrong, telling her how she should be doing the problems, grading her work, and keeping track of it.

I loved our old curriculum, and it challenged Peanut, but she started getting bored with it. I would find her staring out the window, doodling in her book, and not getting answers right because she just didn’t care. This new curriculum is cutting at least an hour (sometimes two!) out of our school day. It’s amazing the difference a little change has made.

I’m not prescribing it for everyone- not all texts work for all kids, but I would like to encourage parents to not fear change, no matter how far along in your school year you may be. A little change may mean all the difference in whether or not your child is learning something!


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