I kind of feel like the past two weeks have just flown by. I cannot even really remember what has happened lately. Except for this:



That’s my bathroom. It looked like this noon on Saturday. My Saturday evening, it was completely emptied except for the toilet. My husband (who is working so hard on this AFTER working 8-10 hours every day) is hoping to have the shower framed and ready for installation on Sunday.  

I am trying to cope with tools and hardware, bathroom contents and mess strewn about my house. And the bathroom door behind my dining room table. And a sink and vanity next to my china hutch.

And a very precious baby who has wedged it’s head so low in my pelvis sitting isn’t comfortable anymore. 

Oh the seasons we go through. 

On The School Front:

Last week, we finished our Adventures in US History by My Father’s World for second grade. I know Peanut is excited. 

We are continuing to work through our Teaching Textbooks 4. She should be finished in June.

I think we’ll continue to do Spelling 2-3 days per week until life gets to hectic (read- I have a baby).

We started “How to Study Your Bible for kids” by Kay Arthur and Janna Arndt. It’s a six week lesson on how to study the Bible inductively. We will get through that and I’ll review it. 

We are SO EXCITED to start Exploring Countries and Cultures in August.

On the Baby Front:

The little one is due in five and a half weeks. Everything is measuring fine, and baby is moving around a lot. It’s a very strong child. I am looking forward to meeting the munchkin. Now would be the time that I go through baby clothes and see what I need to pick up, but it’s taking me a little longer because of the horrific state my house is in.




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  1. so nice to hear you are all fine. yes hectic indeed but at the same time its so nice to know that our ever loving heavenly Father is with you in the midst of everything and holding your hands through it all. Have a safe delivery and be blessed in all things. Heres to a healthy happy baby and happy mummy.!!love in Christ

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