Wildfires burn more than 9,000 acres in county

This is so scary and sad for all those involved, but take a look at this fire tornado. It’s amazing to watch it spiraling upward.


[trib_ndn vid=26092275]SAN DIEGO — Nine separate wildfires, most of which are still burning out of control, have blackened about 9,500 acres since Tuesday, officials said.

Wildfire A house stands on a hillside in San Marcos California, on a hillside almost totally charred by a wildfire May 14; 2014; in San Marcos; California. (Photo by Bill Wechter/Getty Images)

The fires include:

  1. Bernardo Fire, which has burned 1,548 acres in the Black Mountain area since Tuesday;
  2. Tomahawk Fire, which has burned 6,000 acres on Camp Pendleton since Wednesday;
  3. Poinsettia Fire, which has burned 400 acres in Carlsbad since Wednesday;
  4. Freeway Fire, which burned 30 acres on both sides of Interstate 5 near San Onofre on Wednesday;
  5. Highway Fire, which has burned 600 acres off Interstate 15 near Highway 76 since Wednesday;
  6. River Fire, which burned 100 acres in Oceanside since Wednesday;
  7. Cocos Fire, which has burned…

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