Quickly Checking In

Just poking my head in and letting any readers know that I haven’t really forgotten about this blog. Just taking a break, getting in some rest, and trying to prepare for Baby’s Arrival.

This summer will probably be quite slow as far as posting goes. (Who knows, though… sleepless nights with a nursing baby might inspire some writing- we will see.) But I am VERY excited to start blogging again soon. With only 10 days left until this baby’s due date, I’m not going to plan anything soon, but there will be some fun stuff in the future.

Things that have taken up our family’s time the past month or so:

Hubby is working so hard at getting the bathroom completely finished. We’ve slowed down as far as what is getting done, and are literally waiting for the paint to dry (not paint- drywall patch, but same thing!)

Peanut finished second grade and has been tirelessly wearing out her rope swing. And getting in as much outside playtime with Bubba as she can.

I have been going a little bit crazy, fighting this innate nesting urge while my house has been a construction zone. BUT, there’s a place for baby to sleep, clothes are washed and put away, and things are fairly ready.

Now it’s the waiting game for delivery. This is almost the worst part because it’s on my mind constantly. That and the heartburn just never. goes. away. 😀

Keep your eyes out for a birth announcement!


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