Welcome To The World


Introducing the newest member of our little (but growing!) family! Our precious son was born June 15- an amazing and wonderful Father’s Day present! 

After he was born, my husband was sitting in the chair next to the hospital bed while I was holding our sweet little bundle, and he quietly said, “I guess we have another June 15th birthday.” I looked at him, and it took me a minute, but I finally asked, “Today’s your mom’s birthday, isn’t it?”

His mother passed away a couple years ago from Lymphoma. It was really difficult for him. How precious and amazing that the Lord allowed our son- who never got to meet his Grandma- to share a special day with her. 

As an aside, let me just say that although I really appreciated having my water break with both Peanut and Bubba so I knew exactly WHEN I was in labor and there was no question I should go in to the hospital, I really did enjoy a fast (4 hour) labor without the need for Pitocin. It was a lot more enjoyable. 


Let me know what you think!

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