August Post

Well, we’ve officially started school. To be truthful, Peanut started two weeks ago. She just couldn’t wait. But Bubba started today.

I was gifted the Kindergarten Curriculum by My Father’s World last week. I am so thankful to my wonderful friend. Bubba was so excited to hear that he would be starting school- especially since his cousin started public kindergarten last week. My plan is to use this curriculum even though Bubba will only be turning four in October.

But today, we broke it open. And he colored the number one from the Creation story. And then we sang the ABC Song. And we went over the alphabet cards until he got tired of it. After that, he had his turn on the laptop to play on About five minutes into his playing he asked if he could write on a piece of paper that was sitting on the table. I said yes.

And then he proceeded to try as hard as he could to write his name. And he did an amazing job for a kid who knows half his alphabet, grips his pencil in an upside down fist, and has never really tried before.



And look at that- he’s even wearing actual clothes and not his pajamas (or a t-shirt and batman underwear!).



He was so excited that he wrote his name, he asked if he could cut, and then he asked how to spell my name. This crazy kid surprised me when I went to lay the baby down! He labeled my bedroom door!



Speaking of the baby, Muchkin just doesn’t cut it for a nickname. From here on out, my little one shall be named Big Guy. Why? Check him out in our new Baby K’tan:


9 weeks old, I tell you. 9 weeks old. I can’t wrap him in the newborn hold, and he’s strong enough for the hold that’s recommended for 5 months old. This dude rolls over, lifts his head about 6 inches, and today was getting his knees up under him. Babyproofing, here we come!

I can’t get by without posting a picture of my little Peanut. She’s obsessed with ninjas right now. She has three separate “ninja clubs” with three separate groups of friends. I’m convinced that the other girls don’t really want it to be a ninja club, but didn’t turn down membership only because every little girl wants to be in every little club they get invited to.


This is my ninja. In flip flops. In 90 degree weather. I love her creativity. I love her individuality. She’s not into American Girls, tea parties or baby dolls. She loves dresses with pants, swinging on her rope swing, My Little Ponies (which she pairs with How to Train Your Dragon figurines), tying things up, reading 6 hours a day (if she can get away with it) and most days, she can be found running circles around the house because she has the energy.


I am feeling so blessed right now. All of my life’s Little Treasures. My children are amazing, and I just thank God that I have the opportunity to watch them grow, teach them His love, and nurture them to the best of my ability.


Let me know what you think!

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