Lego Organization

Nothing hurts more than trying to walk through a room and stepping on a stray LEGO piece. Honestly, nothing hurts my brain more than assuming the Legos are put away, and peeking into the room we store them to see them strewn about the floor like a new plastic carpet.

Our previous system of storage for the building blocks was to put them in buckets, with the instruction books shoved wherever we could put them. This resulted in pieces in weird places (including bookshelves and books!) and the instruction books getting ripped and lost.

I had had enough and decided we needed a better system. I took an old set of drawers I had used for craft storage and separated the blocks by color. I labeled them with the name of the color and a colored dot for my non-readers. (Don’t mind the old labels with the craft supplies!)


Obviously I didn’t have enough drawers for all the colors, let alone the minifigures. Those guys went in a container on top. The yellow bucket is for projects the kids are in the middle of.

As for the books, I cut the books down the middle, and removed the staples. I gathered two 3-ring binders we had gotten from an office that was getting rid of them, and ordered some plastic sheet protectors.

I placed the pages in the books, and now the books are protected and also out of the legos!

Some of the books were larger and I could do one page per sheet protector. For the others, I just stacked them in the protector so you could see both sides.

Having the books in binders like this has inspired the kids to make the projects now, and my 5 year old can keep track of where he is now!

What are some ways you store your toys?


Let me know what you think!

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