A Year of Catch-Up

Recapping the past year in one post…

I will start with April, since I did happen to post up through last March.

April: Peanut turned 7 years old and wanted a “Rainbow Party”. Many friends came, and they all had a blast.

Party Table


rainbow cake
Fondant and Buttercream Rainbow Cake

May: My twin sister and I had a quick three day trip back to San Diego to support our sister in the loss of her daughter at 30 weeks gestation.

June: Wonderful news, I was pregnant, and so thrilled.

July: My twin sister and I hosted a yard sale, Peanut had a very successful lemonade sale, and the next day I had some concerns, which resulted in an ultrasound. The test showed one healthy baby and one “non-viable egg sac”. One week later a follow up ultrasound at about 6 weeks, and both babies had not survived. Oh. And I turned 30.

August: Three weeks after the  devastating news, I finally miscarried. I was hospitalized due to blood loss. It took me three weeks to build my blood levels back I up to where I could stand for more than a few minutes, and clean my house. We also started second grade for Peanut. And I made a wedding cake for my neighbor. (Probably shouldn’t have done that- healthwise.)

wedding cake for neighbor
wedding cake for neighbor

September: I took on the role of co-teacher for our homeschool group.

October: Bubba turned 3; we celebrated with a Pirate Party. Bubba and his cousin dressed up as Jake and Captain Hook for Halloween.

Bubba's Birthday Cake
Bubba’s Birthday Cake


The Birthday Pirate
The Birthday Pirate
Trick or Treating
Trick or Treating


November: I announced to the Facebook world that I was 12 weeks pregnant! (yes, again! the pregnancy in the summer wasn’t announced nor was the miscarriage, other than to family and close friends at church)

Baby at 12 Weeks
Baby at 12 Weeks

December: I honestly can’t believe it’s over already, but we reflected on the gift of God’s Son, made over 20 dozen cookies and enjoyed family and friends.

So, 2013 was truly an eventful year. It was filled with grief and sorrow, but also with wonderful memories, beautiful family moments, and so much love. I learned, last year, that God is faithful, no matter our Earthly circumstances. That submitting to His will brings about peace I couldn’t even imagine. I learned many things about myself, about my faith, and about my limitations. And I can honestly say that it was a good year. Not because of what happened during the year, but because the year was given to me as a gracious gift. And because I am a different person than I was last January.


Where has the past month gone?

February is a blur. I seriously can’t remember exactly all that we did in February. I’ll have to go back and look at all my Facebook posts to remind myself. I know I ate a lot, because my body change is evidence of that. 

I spent a good time in the last week of January making a large amount of freezer meals and we ate well in February. 

This month, the husband and I are at a point where we are ready to change our eating habits. (I am very bad at breaking habits). So, for the next month, we will be trying our very hardest to cut out most of the carbohydrates from our diets, and to avoid corn syrup in most (if not all) foods we eat.

I will most definitely share my recipes with you, what works for us, and any tips we come across. Jeff seems to think he wants to eat completely paleo, but I’m sure he’ll change his mind about that and make some concessions. (From what I understand,  paleo diets eliminate all grains and gluten from the diet. **correct me if I’m wrong, please!**)

I got the juicer out, and we had a yummy fruit juice to go with lunch today: 


Peanut and I have spent a good amount of time perusing Pinterest for party ideas. Her theme of choice is “Rainbow” because that is her favorite color. 

Bubba has been playing hard, learning as he goes. He is very interested in learning how to count, and as we read counting books and as he wants to “count the trees” out the van window, I can see how he is slowly grasping one-to-one correspondence. The way the human brain learns and develops is so incredibly interesting to me. 

His favorite activity right now is playing in water. This is where he disappears to for a large portion of the day: