The Family

Meet the family.

This is me:


I am a wife of a hardworking and dedicated husband, and a mother of four children. We homeschool, we serve God, and we are constantly looking for His guidance and direction in life. I am not a perfect mother, or wife, or housekeeper. I love to bake. I’m teaching myself how to sew. I attempt to live semi-frugally. We are trying our hand at Urban Homesteading. And all the while we are enjoying life’s little treasures.

The kids:


My oldest. She loves everything outdoors. It’s hard for me to keep her inside. She loves hiking with her dad, geocaching, exploring, swinging on her rope swing, learning new things, and being a kid.


This is my strong-willed boy. He loves building with anything he can get his hands on, digging in the dirt, and anything loud. He does not come with a volume control. Trust me. I checked.

Big Guy:


This kid is basically energy in skin. There is never a time when he’s not doing something. Most of the time it’s something he shouldn’t be. He’s hilarious and has a great sense of humor. And yes, he started walking at 7 months.



Baby number four, and has the sweetest personality. He loves people and is so easy going.


Let me know what you think!

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